Quality policy

By means of the quality manual, the procedures, the correct performance of things, the training, the application of new methods and technologies, MAXIMINO SEOANE must extend and promote its competitiveness in terms of Quality Management.

To do so, new efforts are necessary, which will also lead to a cultural change of all the company’s staff. With no category distinctions, so that MAXIMINO SEOANE becomes a modern company, both in its internal and external relationships.

The correct performance of things, together with the continuous interest in determining the current and future expectations of our clients, and the commitment of complying with the requirements established by our clients, will unavoidably take us to obtain a greater degree of quality in our activity of assemblies and repairs, undoubtedly resulting in a greater satisfaction of our clients.

Through training and communication, we must foster our own motivation so that, with the participation of everyone, the constant improvement of the quality of our services and products will make us feel proud of our company, but even more of our own professionalism. Applying a process control system, we can constantly improve the quality of the services and products that we offer to our clients.

The continuous improvement will become a basic and strategic tool that extends, as a philosophy, to all areas of the company through all the staff forming part of the same; this policy will be revised and adjusted in accordance with the mentioned improvement process. Only in this way, we will be able to maintain our competitiveness with regard to markets that are more and more demanding, imposing an offer of more and more competitive services. Our clients qualify us by our effectiveness and professionalism, and they are faithful to us in terms of their degree of satisfaction; our survival depends on this faithfulness.

We do not doubt that with the staff constituting MAXIMINO SEOANE we will be able to get over this challenge.